Why Should I Live In Costa Rica?

Funded by National Geographic, Dan Buettner (1) investigated several “blue zones”, places where people tend to live healthier and longer lives.

The Costa Rican town of Nicoya is one blue zone. Here you can find 100-year-old women chopping firewood and washing their laundry by hand. Compared to men in the US or Europe, men in Nicoya live to the age of 100 four times as often.



These people are "the world's healthiest longest lived people"

(2) and researchers believe that their long life expectancy is because of the dry climate, their outdoor lifestyles full of sunshine, a low stress life, a simple low calorie diet, low in animal protein but with lots of fresh fruit, vegetables with plenty of rice, corn and beans and always a light dinner. They also drink the local water which has a high calcium content.


"In most of the world, female centenarians out number male centenarians 7:1, here the proportion is closer to 1:1"

(3) These centenarians have typically enjoyed a strong social network and a happy family life, some even have their 60+ year old 'children' still living with them and they know how to laugh and how to listen.



However, they also know how to work. They have no desire or plans to retire. They have a strong sense of purpose and they are positive thinkers. They do not worry too much and they have faith (Gracias a Dios!) that everything will work out well.


We can't guarantee that you will live to be 100 years old if you move to Costa Rica, but you might have more fun trying eh?



A recent survey from The New Economics Foundation, a British independent think tank, ranked Costa Rica as the happiest place on Earth. Using a formula that considers environmental impact it is no wonder Costa Rica topped the list. This ecologically diverse nation houses 6% of the world’s animal and plant life and has protected a quarter of its land mass as natural parks and habitats.

The Central American nation has grown in popularity over the past decade and provides visitors a variety of unique experiences while maintaining a focus on eco-friendly travel. Sandwiched between Nicaragua and Panama the country is only the size of Colorado. The small size allows visitors to create their perfect itinerary visiting different regions and seeing many of the nation’s highlights all in one trip. Visitors can see rainforest, rivers, mountains, beaches, and volcanoes all while enjoying the beauty this country has to offer. San Jose, in the Central Valley region, is the entry point for most visitors and can be the home base for day trips to rainforests and historical sites. Some options include a visit to Cartago, the oldest settlement in Costa Rica, Irazu Volcano National Park, and Braulio Cariollo National Parks. 

Farther from San Jose, an hour and a half drive, the popular Arenal Volcano Park offers visitors plenty of lodging choices, amazing views of one of the world’s most active volcanoes, and natural hot springs. Those staying near the edge of Lake Arenal will enjoy nightly shows provided by the rumblings and spewing of the Arenal volcano. Visitors often combine a trip to the park with a stop in the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve. The reserve is home to a wide range of plant and animal species and allows visitors to get an up close look at the country’s wildlife with guided tours provided on several limited access trails. The area also offers a variety of active options such as zip-line tours, waterfall rapelling, and kiteboarding.

Costa Rica is also home to some of the world’s best beaches with coasts on both the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea. Several beaches play host to seasonal turtle migrations when they come home to nest and give birth to hundreds of eggs. Visitors can attend guided tours to view the nests or witness the turtles arrive or depart the beaches depending on time of year. Even when the turtles are not calling the area home visitors can enjoy relaxing days sunning or participating in watersports including snorkeling, diving, and fishing.

The small size of the country is by no means a representation of what Costa Rica has to offer visitors. This is a very small sampling of what there is to see and do with new options developing daily. You can experience it all or just relax at a secluded lodge or beach. With an eco-friendly reputation and community-based tourism focused on improving the lives of locals, travelers can feel good about a trip to Costa Rica and will certainly leave here feeling like one of the happiest people on Earth!

More great reasons why you should make Costa Rica your home!

• Right now there are some great deals on some of the most beautiful real estate on earth!

• Property ownership for US citizens is guaranteed by the Costa Rica constitution, and title insurance is available by reputable international title companies.

• There are no capital gains taxes in Costa Rica.

• Costa Rica offers the healthiest environment to live in the world (NASA).

• One of the best places in the world to live (World Health Organization).

• It ranks 5th in Global Environmental Performance Index (Forbes).

• It hosts the most bio intense place on earth (National Geographic).

• One of the Top 25 best places for medical care in the world (United Nations).

• Cost of medical care is 30% to 70% LESS than similar medical care in the US.

• There are 30 hospitals and 250 clinics in the country.

• More social security checks are sent to Costa Rica than any
  other country outside the US.

• While colones are the official currency, the US dollar is widely accepted.

• While Spanish is the official language, English is widely used, especially in business.

• Foreign investors remain attracted by the country’s political stability and relative high level of education. (CIA Country Report).