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Email: vianney@1stcrcr.com

Cell Phone: 011-506-8337-9871

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Toll Free: 1.419.549.8055

Vianney Corrales, vacation rental specialist at 1st Choice Realty. He was born and raised in Santa Cruz Guanacaste Costa Rica, Vianney is Bilingual in Spanish and English. He is an eyewitness to the benefits of growth in Guanacaste. Vianney saw the improvements in infrastructure, which led to an increase in tourism and created more opportunities for local Costa Ricans. He completed his primary and secondary school in Santa Cruz (in a private institutions), then studied “Informatics Science” at la Universidad Nacional (UNA) in Heredia. He has experience in business & rental car management and has worked in DEMASA's call center the largest food production company in Costa Rica. His goals are to maintain the upmost quality of 1st Choice Realty rental division and assisting his clients in locating the perfect setting to relax on there much needed vacation.