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"My objective is to provide my clients with the best quality of customer service and professionalism when it comes to purchasing and/or selling real estate in Costa Rica; to pass on and utilize to the best of my ability twelve years of "Costa Rican" knowledge (twelve years dedicated to Costa Rican tourism and Costa Rican Real Estate); to deliver the finest results to my Buyers and Sellers efficiently and quickly."Chad Fisher, the Owner/Broker of 1st Choice Realty and 1st Choice Adventures, had a vision twelve years ago to build the best real estate company in Costa Rica. Chad is an American Citizen, however, has resided in Costa Rica for the last twelve years with a Permanent Residency Status. Chad is originally from Ohio, and is an Alumni of the University of Colorado, Boulder. He graduated from the School of Business with majors in Entrepreneurship and Marketing. As the owner of 1stC.R.I.G. Chad is responsible for forming the 1st Choice Realty's team of experts. As a result of Chad's success, commitment, giving back to the local and broader communities, and his pledge to integrity, he has earned the respect and friendship of the local Costa Ricans and the Real Estate community.